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About Me

I Help

I truly believe that 'to be useful' is the way to find meaning in life. As a respiratory therapist with over 20 years of experience I am allowed to do work that I can be proud of (most of the time) as part of a team in mostly critical care and emergency situations. I help people that are suffering and support others that are doing the same.


I Learn

Helping is a selfish endeavor. By helping others I engage in my most treasured activity. Learning is living as far as I am concerned. My favorite places have always been classrooms and libraries and any space dedicated to a knowledge or skill. The evolution of the digital space and the opportunities that have grown out of it are a source of wonder and delight for me. I will always be learning and seeking better ways to learn.

I Teach

The best way to learn is to teach. As a parent to 3 teens I have been learning from them as I try and teach them the basics of navigating this world, constantly becoming aware of how much I fail to practice what I preach and constantly striving to change that. Children are a clear and unforgiving mirror, one of the most important blessings they give to their parents. One of my favorite activities is helping them with their homework and seeing the things I learned so long ago from a different perspective. I try to pass my enthusiasm for learning along with very mixed results.

As a senior member in my field I try to teach younger coworkers as they enter. I also really enjoy interacting with patients and teaching them about ways to manage their sickness. One of my favorite past jobs was doing home care because I taught family members how to take care of their loved ones who were dependent on a mechanical ventilator.

Breaking down the complex into understandable 'chunks' is something that brings me great satisfaction.

I Exercise

Though I don't have near the time I would like, exercise has been important to me throughout my life and still is. I believe a healthy, strong body is an essential part of life and absolutely necessary for mental and spiritual health. Making sure to consistently exercise keeps depression and negative emotional states at bay.

I have an extensive background in martial arts and I have been in the past a licensed massage therapist. I was an avid runner until 4 years ago when I suffered a tri malleolar fracture of the ankle. Now I primarily lift weights as my movement therapy.

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